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The Jerome Hotel, Auberge Spa Snowmass, CO

In the midst of downtown Aspen, Colorado, sits the stately and impressive 1888 stone building, The Hotel Jerome. In the Gold Rush era, it was quite an elegant and upscale hotel. But, if the Jerome could talk, would it have wild tales to tell!

In the late 1880s, the Jerome was home to Wild West outlaws, Gold Rush miners, traders and early settlers. The Jerome was also host to more than a few unsavory characters and some of  questionable repute. The Jerome’s colorful and romantic history lends the Jerome an air of mystery, rumor and undeniable charm.

The Jerome has a classy, old elegance , so it is not surprising that the exclusive Auberge line of spas has taken residence there.  The Auberge Spa is well known it locals such as Napa Sonoma,   and   .

The Auberge Spa suits the Jerome to a T. Weary and often overtaxed skiers, exhausted by their sport and acclimating to the altitude, or just looking to visit the trendy upscale spa, are rewarded with  sublime Auberge treatments. Signature treatents are delivered in classic Auberge style . Pampering and exquisite techniques prompt full relaxation and expert therapy. My appreciation of Auberge Spas is gauged by my unique methodology to measure all spas; the length of time it takes to fall asleep on the table. The Auberge Spa delivers! You must check it out when you visit Aspen!

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Spa … ahhhhh

Would you like a massage in a room accessorized  with marble floors, rich polished wood and a to-die-for fabulous view of the ocean?

A dream, you say?  I promise I will find that  perfect spa.

Do you want to go on this grand adventure with me and make your dream come true?

Who knows, we might find a good anti-aging Program along the way! (You can’t start too soon.)

I’ll wait for you.


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The healing power of touch

Need a healing touch? Someone to chisel out those boulders? I don’t know about you, but a deep tissue massage is the quickest way to heaven, rest and relaxation, and the promise of a good night sleep.

Do you find that once you emerge from that delightful state of limbo, you feel energized and ready to take on the world? The shoulders are straighter, the posture better, then a quick sigh and you’re on your way to a productive day!

The amazing benefits of the healing touch. What is your favorite type of massage? What benefits does massage have for you? Let me know, ok?


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Life is a journey: there are highs and lows, rocky roads and gentle flows. Just when life seems at its most unbearable,  the pendulum swings to center. Those moments are best spent with quiet reflection and relaxation. Only then, can the pendulum swing again, and for the better. Those moments are spiritual.




Starting Anew


Owwww!!! Are you, like me, worried about that day when you look in the mirror and…oh ####! Why is it your mother’s face looking back at you!? I mean, personally -I think mom is gorgeous, but reaaallly ….where did “I”go?

I think Cher was right. If I could turn back time, if I could find a way…Are you worried about it too?  Well, I’m not gonna take it.

Let’s ease into it… (let’s be real, how about avoid it altogether! ). Let it be a slow, graceful, process.

I found a process and I would love to share it with you!  Rebuild your confidence, slim and tone your body, learn to eat right ( nutritiously) and relax while enjoying some of the best spas in the world

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Contact us!

Enter your email address below for further information on our comprehensive or focused Anti-aging Wellness Program and Spaseeker Anti-Aging Wellness and Spa Retreats.Register   NOW and receive a free Wellness gift!

Our comprehensive programs target four streams of anti-aging wellness :  skincare/body image, fitness/exercise, nutrition/diet and spiritual/well-being.

Focused mini-programs specialize in one           or two targeted streams… these are offered on an adhoc basis.

Our intent is to cater to your preferred area of need or or to a whole body experience that promises a wellness system of self-care. Our promise to you is you will see results in your skin, your fitness and tone will improve,  your prescribed nutritional plan will assist with weight loss and you will gain clarity of purpose and spiritual  mindfulness.

Finally, our Anti-Aging Wellness retreats focus on the coaching above,  and we will hit a very awesome Spa, too!


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“No Spa for You”- Vacation 2017 – The Vacation from Hell

Snowmass 2017

January 20, 2017

Vacation… Vacation!

We all love vacation!
This year was scheduled to be one of the greatest. After all, four generations of two families, two new grandbabies, same old guys and relatively new wives. This has been our favorite winter destination for 45 years (45!?). Ski all day, apres ski after, then come home to cook BBQ in the snowy outdoors…a glass of wine or two … sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?
Dream on…
The hubs, our second tiny tot (TT), aka (grandson), his mom, and I were in the first wave of travelers. No prob. Good flights … early arrival. Great rental car (Suburban extra long). So far, so good. Had a nice uneventful dinner in Glenwood Springs… and it started snowing. A lot.


We stayed the night in GLNWD Springs and awoke to a couple of feet of new snow. In addition to the snow, I was highly impressed with the ten car Tesla charging station right outside our Courtyard door, (only in Colorado).
We did our grocery shopping for the week; (do you know what it takes to feed a family of 6 on vacation, especially with a tiny towhead onboard?) I don’t think hubs and I eat that much in a year! We grabbed lunch and the snow kept falling. In anticipation of difficult road travel, we started on our way to Aspen. The
drive was uneventful. We caught up with several of our group… things were looking good!
Checked in … great house. Lots of space. A steam shower, jacuzzi, big greatroom, nice dining area and lots of space for the TT to flail his carload of toys…
A nice dinner at home followed by sleep.


Sunday was quiet and snowy. A few of the group straggled out for a few runs but it was cold, (below zero), and we eventually all ended up huddled over the fire pits on the Venga,Venga sun deck. Tequila and Guacamole warmed our
innards. We all agreed we had acclimated quite well to the altitude and cold. It could have been the tequila talking, but we weren’t complaining. We all hunkered back to our homes and watched the TTs and dads (the other tiny towhead arrived with his dad the night before), sled down the hill. As they slid, (sled), a lone, long haired, bearded guy rode his old 2 wheel bicycle up the hill! (Finally figured out that since it was Sunday, the “guy” was the Fat Tire Beer marketing dude.) Pretty impressive riding in newfakken snow and up a ski slope at that! Went to dinner at il Poggio where the TT made friends and new fans. He lost one of his cute size 5 tots Uggs on the way home, n’er to be seen again.
Pulled out the dehumidifier and filled it with water, turned it on, made sure the vapor was misting and went to bed. It must have been an omen.


Woke up Monday at 4 AM to find the new carpet, hardwood floors and baseboards soaked! The vaporizer evidently worked but the rest of the water in the humidifier reservoir seeped out! With fear the maids would report the flood and we would be slapped with a hefty water damage bill, we used every towel in the house to sop up the water. I even had hubs check out the adjoining bedroom thinking it might have seeped through the baseboards. It didn’t … thank goodness.
The rest of the day went well and it kept snowing. It was even colder than before. Some of us skied but most bailed after lunch. We needed to get back home to start the meatballs and sausage for the annual spaghetti dinner. Spaghetti dinner- a 40 year tradition which arose out of payback for a dinner the other family treated us to. For 40 years, all 30 something of us got together to sup, imbibe and share plans for the week. A good meal, a birthday cake and time to go home.
… Here is where it starts to go downhill…as we went to leave and the door opened to the parking area, it was evident it had snowed another 15″ or so. As 20 of us trailed out, I mistepped on a step obscured by the snow and my foot/ankle cracked. The nurse following me heard it and even knocked on the wall to make sure she heard what she thought she did. A fitful drive home and with comments from my housemates, e.g., you need to pay attention, weren’t you looking? and I had a meltdown. Cried, yelled, got mad at everyone. Put ice on it and had an agonizing evening.


Today was going to be “Girls Day” at the Viceroy, and tonight, the Snowcat trek to a gourmet meal at the posh cabin on the ski run … oh, it was just all going so very wrong!
Instead, I hit the skier’s clinic as soon as it opened. Had an X-ray, an ekg, then sat there for three or four hours while the clinic doc conferred with a surgeon at the hospital. Not a good sign; husband and son were restless/curious as to why we were there so long. Finally, they asked if we could go and were informed the ankle/foot was severely broken and I needed to have surgery the next day. Sent to the orthopedic surgeon. Another hour of consult and … surprise …
no spa for me… no gourmet meal awaiting me after a -24 degree snowcat ride (well, that wasn’t so hard to take!) Spent the eve home in front of the fire, sipping tea and slamming Percocet. Not a goodnight.


A drug induced blur… is all I really remember. Then the maids ringing the doorbell. Of course I didn’t know whom it was, so I slid on my butt from the family room to the door on the tile floor … which, by then, they had already opened … ugh.
Some of our group skied, some shopped, some apres skied the day away. (I really wish it was me). Instead, I set up perch on the couch looking out the windows at the skiers hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse of someone…That eve the group went out to another lovely dinner, this time at Pinons; I actually hurt too much to be envious.


Finally got out! (Sounds like prison, eh?) No spa, but a nice lunch at 8k. Joined by TT2, mom and dad.

On the way home son noticed a couple frolicking in the snow (he thought). As he got closer, he saw it was a couple in the midst of a domestic incident. The female was screaming; son stopped car planning to check on her. She jumped in the car! With TT2, mom and dad! The female was hysterical… Son managed to get her to say where she was staying (nice place)… he escorted her in and mentioned to the manager on duty to keep an eye out for the guy. Thursday night after DIL’s friends’ ski lessons and an afternoon of apres ski, the instructor came back to have dinner with us and didn’t leave! Hubby had to wake him, passed out on the couch, to tell him to go home. Ay yi yi…


Here we go again… In the middle of the night, (Thursday night), while getting up, I caught the ice grips on my crutches on the canopy bed. Catapulting across the room, I landed in a faceplant on the floor. When I came to, there was blood all over the floor. Shaking, I took inventory. My nose was broken.


Black and blue, with my nose askew, a broken ankle/foot and a massive headache, I boarded the plane for home looking forward to surgery (on my ankle) at home.


Surgery – I thought it all went well until the anesthesiologist came in and asked if I wanted the good news or the bad news. The good news: the operation went well, the (ankle) break and another unknown break on the opposite side of my foot, were repaired. Thinking that was the bad news, my husband took out a mirror and showed me that during surgery intubation, my front tooth had been broken and completely knocked out.

Ahhhh, the vacation that keeps on giving! Forget a 45 year tradition; next year we’re going to Hawaii.

Bo DeLuc
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