Food for thought

Tips to follow to become more mindful and to grow your self-esteem


1. What you focus your mind on grows bigger.
“Watch your thoughts for they become words, watch your words for they become actions, watch your actions, for they become habits, watch your habits for they become your character, watch
your character for it becomes your destiny.”

Having a mind filled with negative thoughts will lead to a negative life, have a mind filled with positivity will breed a positive one. Change your mindset when needed.

2. Don’t take things personally.
Your life will be much happier if you don’t mentally wound yourself by making other people’s actions “about you.”

3. Express gratitude — every day.
Take a moment daily to acknowledge the good in your life. Write a gratitude list and email it to yourself, or journal, whatever method works for you; but, write it down. (Don’t do it mentally, as the habit won’t take … and by all means, don’t give a damn about what others think about you.)

4 Stand up for yourself but don’t act entitled

There are people in this world, who think they are owed everything and there are people too scared to ask for everything. Don’t be on either side.

5. Ask for 100 % of what you want from 100% of people 100% of the time.
Being upfront about your needs and wants eliminates a lot of angst, inconvenience and discomfort in your life —Ask – all they can say is no.
If someone thinks less of you because you dared to state what you need, make a note to find better people in the future.