Spa Seeker

love spas. They call to me.

They call me as I get off the plane. They call me as I pick up my rental car (in fact, they might even influence the kind of car I rent.)  Spas call me when I land in a new city. They call me when I arrive in a new state; they even call me when I’m in another country! 

One says, “C’mon I’m the best”; another yells, “b..b..but…I’m the most  relaxing”; another cries, but, “mon per, I am the spa for youuuuu ; I’m so chic-look at my  marble and my reflection pool!”

 Some are better than others, some are outrageously over the top, some merely relaxing, and others are just poor excuses for the name. Spas in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, New York, Hawaii..(and probably one in each of the other states) are constantly buzzing my ear… telepathy, I think. Then,  just when I think I’ve found the creme of the crop… another one calls my name!

Although I have a contender for the top spot (the UAE is currently topping the list), I have applicants a’waiting…oh , what a job.


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