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The Lime Spa at Desert Palm Dubai


An Avant Garde spa in the Dubai Desert. Oh, yeah!
Think of psychedelic mellow yellow, chartreuse green, peacock blue tiles. Massage beds that are King sized (bring a friend!). Sunning lounges that are ensconced in floor to ceiling convex windows;  windows that open to the sky!  The lounges are tiled in more of the orange, yellow, blue, and chartreuse color scheme and the lounges inclined to distribute just the right amount  of perfect sun and heat while allowing a viewing of the polo grounds where the show is on… Jockeys and polo ponies sprint about the grounds… palatial grounds.

The sauna room is like a small barn. (Okay, maybe a medium sized barn). Then, hot and steamy from the spa we enter the Ice room. It’s chilly but nothing to get excited about. I’ve never been in an actual Ice Room.  I hope I’m masking my disappointment.

Then, I look closer at the area. The Ice Room is similar to the sauna in size (big), but tiled in keeping with the color scheme: chartreuse, psychedelic yellow, green and blue. Of course, the room is cold but not chilled to the bone cold. Then… Out of nowhere, the room goes black and a whirring sound begins.  Flourescent disco lights pop on and do a little dance of their own, racing about and around the room as the ice mists forms and then shoots out an apparatus that slides out and looks like an overgrown snow cone machine. The machine then delivers the shaved ice ….. Wow! Oh, wow! Oh, Wow!

Once I catch my breath, its back out to the sun lounge where we sit on the inclined tile loungers, basking in the sun, eating Dubai dates and sipping warm tea. Oh, I forgot the best part… while reclining, eating the best dates in the world and sipping tea… the convex windows provide the perfect view of the polo practice… Man, oh man, This is the best dream I have ever had!

Desert Palm Per Aquum, Dubai, UAE


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