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Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Dubai : The Most Luxurious Hotel in The World – Jumeirah

My “spa seeking” companion and I escaped Health Care City for our weekly jaunt in search of the perfect spa. This trip was in the city and close to my colleagues’ residence in the marina. After sharing a light brunch at the Standard we trekked over to the Burj.

Opulent is the best word to describe the self-titled “most luxurious hotel in the world.” From the street exposure to the bright intense and  colorful interior, the  over-the-top beautiful Burj was overwhelming. Styled in the blue and silver Dubai sail architectural motif, the relection off the silver gleams and glimmers, not only reflecting sun and water, but Dubai’s wealth and elegance.  And the interior of the hotel carries the theme to perfection. Oh, my …

Talise did not disappoint. From the first step into  The Burj Talise spa lobby, (uiyes, hotel sized lobby), and throughout most of the treatment rooms, it was one of the most awe-inspiring and expansive take-your-breath-away views. Instead of the usual dark, (though relaxing) spa experience, the light radiating from the glorious view bathed us in warm invigorating sunlight. It was ethereal, as close as I can imagine to a feeling of rebirth.  It was quite obvious this was not a typical spa find.

The treatments were out-of-this-world yet professional. The staff was responsive and eager to please. LaPrairie, an extavagant, (and expensive – but, heck, you only live once) was  the product used in the facial treatments. I didn’t splurge for the Caviar facial but my credit card felt like I did! The massage menu offered a variety of luscious treatments. Since the international time change, dryness of the climate and adjustment to working and living in a new culture left me a bit stressed, I tried the Ayurvedic Ahyanga massage (for the seriously overstressed) and it felt wonderful! When I was done , I felt like a new woman!

The only way to end the day was a lovely glass of champagne and my nice firm bed. If only I could find a place in the US to compare!



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