Sunlounges and spas


A shower, soothing massage, sauna an amazing ice shower (think a shaved ice machine dispensing x100k and delivered in a hexagonal 15person spa-like room with whirring  neon lights, shaved ice sliding down the funnel into the room! ) OMG, is this the 70s or what!!!!

Then , we were politely escorted to an attractive wooden sundeck where we relaxed on tiled sun loungers, bundled up in warm covers,; (what did you say, this (!?) is the Arabian Desert?) . When warmed, we soaked up the sunshine, viewed the polo ponies and jockeys on the other side of the expansive viewing window … we were fed dates, (so good,  best I’ve ever tasted!) , sipping tea; oh, man , that sun lounge deck was heaven !


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