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The Hotel Jerome, Spa Auberge; Snowmass, CO

In the midst of downtown Aspen, Colorado, sits the stately and impressive 1888 stone building, The Hotel Jerome. In the Gold Rush era, it was quite an elegant and upscale hotel. But, if the Jerome could talk, would it have wild tales to tell!

In the late 1880s, the Jerome was home to Wild West outlaws, Gold Rush miners, traders and early settlers. The Jerome was also host to more than a few unsavory characters and some of  questionable repute. The Jerome’s colorful and romantic history lends the Jerome an air of mystery, rumor and undeniable charm.

The Jerome has a classy, old elegance , so it is not surprising that the exclusive Auberge line of spas has taken residence there.  The Auberge Spa is well known it local such as Napa/Sonoma, .

The Auberge Spa suits the Jerome to a T. Weary and often overtaxed skiers, exhausted by their sport and acclimating to the altitude, or just looking to visit the trendy upscale spa, are rewarded with  sublime Auberge treatments. Signature treatents are delivered in classic Auberge style . Pampering and exquisite techniques prompt full relaxation and expert therapy. My appreciation of Auberge Spas is gauged by my unique methodology to measure all spas; the length of time it takes to fall asleep on the table. The Auberge Spa delivers! You must check it out when you visit Aspen!

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Spa … ahhhhh

Would you like a massage in a room accessorized with marble floors, rich polished wood and a to-die-for fabulous view of the ocean?

A dream, you say?  I promise I will find that  perfect accessorized with you!

Do you want to go on a grand adventure with me and make your dream come true?

Who knows, we might find a good anti-aging program along the way! (You know, you can’t start too soon!)

I’ll wait for you.


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The healing power of touch

Need a healing touch? Someone to chisel out those boulders? I don’t know about you, but a deep tissue massage is the quickest way to heaven, rest and relaxation, and the promise of a good night sleep.

Do you find that once you emerge from that delightful state of limbo, you feel energized and ready to take on the world? The shoulders are straighter, the posture better, then a quick sigh and you’re on your way to a productive day!

The amazing benefits of the healing touch. What is your favorite type of massage? What benefits does massage have for you? Let me know, ok?


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Life is a journey: there are highs and lows, rocky roads and gentle flows. Just when life seems at its most unbearable,  the pendulum swings to center. Those moments are best spent with quiet reflection and relaxation. Only then, can the pendulum swing again, and for the better. Those moments are spiritual.




Starting Anew


Owwww!!! Are you, like me, worried about that day when you look in the mirror and…oh ####! Why is it your mother’s face looking back at you!? I mean, personally -I think mom is gorgeous, but reaaallly ….where did “I”go?

I think Cher was right. If I could turn back time, if I could find a way…Are you worried about it too?  Well, I’m not gonna take it.

Let’s ease into it… (let’s be real, how about avoid it altogether! ). Let it be a slow, graceful, process.

I found a process and I would love to share it with you!  Rebuild your confidence, slim and tone your body, learn to eat right ( nutritiously) and relax while enjoying some of the best spas in the world

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Our intent is to cater to your preferred area of need or or to a whole body experience that promises a wellness system of self-care. Our promise to you is you will see results in your skin, your fitness and tone will improve,  your prescribed nutritional plan will assist with weight loss and you will gain clarity of purpose and spiritual  mindfulness.

Finally, our Anti-Aging Wellness retreats focus on the coaching above,  and we will hit a very awesome Spa, too!