About me – the spa seeker

I am the spa seeker.

I love spas. Spas call to me.

They call me as I get off the plane. They call me when I pick up my rental car, (in fact, the car I pick up at the rental kiosk ,  may influence the genre of spa I visit; one can’t drive a F250 to a terribly upscale, luxury private spa, y’know?)

Spas call me when I land in a new city. They call me when I arrive in a new state; they even call me when I’m in another country!

One says, “C’mon I’m the best”; another whispers, “b..b..but…I’m the most relaxing”; another cries, the the biggest ( and most ostentatious), I am the spa for youuuuu ; look at my marble!”

Some are better than others, some are outrageously over the top, some merely relaxing, some are lavish, others minimalistic  and many are awful- poor excuses for the title.

I’ve visited spas in Las Vegas, San Diego, Pennsylvania, New York, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona and most other states. Some of the best spas have been in Dubai and in the countries of the UAE.

Wherever I travel, It is my ambition to find the best of the best of the best;  It is my charge to deliver reviews of those special experiences with you.


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