Food for thought

Tips to follow to become more mindful and to grow your self-esteem


1. What you focus your mind on grows bigger.
“Watch your thoughts for they become words, watch your words for they become actions, watch your actions, for they become habits, watch your habits for they become your character, watch
your character for it becomes your destiny.”

Having a mind filled with negative thoughts will lead to a negative life, have a mind filled with positivity will breed a positive one. Change your mindset when needed.

2. Don’t take things personally.
Your life will be much happier if you don’t mentally wound yourself by making other people’s actions “about you.”

3. Express gratitude — every day.
Take a moment daily to acknowledge the good in your life. Write a gratitude list and email it to yourself, or journal, whatever method works for you; but, write it down. (Don’t do it mentally, as the habit won’t take … and by all means, don’t give a damn about what others think about you.)

4 Stand up for yourself but don’t act entitled

There are people in this world, who think they are owed everything and there are people too scared to ask for everything. Don’t be on either side.

5. Ask for 100 % of what you want from 100% of people 100% of the time.
Being upfront about your needs and wants eliminates a lot of angst, inconvenience and discomfort in your life —Ask – all they can say is no.
If someone thinks less of you because you dared to state what you need, make a note to find better people in the future.

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Spa Seeker : Youthful Essence, Where did you go?  

Sometimes things in life don’t go as planned.

 A youthful complexion, a fit, trim and toned body and oozing self confidence was yours.  Food was nothing more than nourishment to fuel activities and your brain; your energy was expended on dance, sports, physical activity. You looked good, you felt grrrreat. Your self confidence was at its apex!

So, why now, in the (supposed) most stable  part of your career/life, does someone hand you a damn virtual mirror for a cruel wake up call? Why??

Is your skin not taut; is your complexion not perfect? Has your waistline spread, your booty drooped? Why have fast foods been your fuel, inactivity, (except behind a desk) your energy?  Why and… now… what do you do?! Where do you go to find you? 

You need, desire and want a  transformation! 

So, what is it? How do you do it? How do you get it? Where can you find it? Let me look.

A new discipline, Transformational Coaching, has come on the scene. While relatively new as a profession, you may not know a lot about it or you may have think it’s similar to psychotherapy. While there may be some similarities, coaching and therapy are very different.  

Coaching focuses on helping people move forward in their lives.  Therapy tends to deal with the past. Coaching emphasizes personal growth and development to move forward in a positive manner. Therapy deals with correcting problems or issues in the past.  Coaching is interactive, a process based on clarifying and achieving outcomes.

Coaching and mentoring is an initiative and my life gift. Helping women (and men, to a lessor extent), find their mojo during or just following the mid- to -latter portion of their careers when time (and weight gain, inactivity, poor eating habits, stress) has crept up on them . The person is unhappy,  has lost their self confidence and are uneasy in their bodies since they feel frumpy and depressed due to a lack of exercise, not eating right or not taking the time for their own self care. 

Has your focus been caring for others (family, children, work). Do you agree It can’t be soon enough to rebuild (or build) a better version of yourself? Is your best version yet to come? Then, empower yourself to achieve your personal and professional goals and your life by taking action.

Take a moment to check out ChampagneLife2017 at or SpaSeeker Destination Retreats at and schedule an introductory webinar or discovery call! If you’re looking for your mojo and want to live a ChampagneLife2017, forward an email!

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The Hotel Jerome, Spa Auberge; Snowmass, CO

In the midst of downtown Aspen, Colorado, sits the stately and impressive 1888 stone building, The Hotel Jerome. In the Gold Rush era, it was quite an elegant and upscale hotel. But, if the Jerome could talk, would it have wild tales to tell!

In the late 1880s, the Jerome was home to Wild West outlaws, Gold Rush miners, traders and early settlers. The Jerome was also host to more than a few unsavory characters and some of  questionable repute. The Jerome’s colorful and romantic history lends the Jerome an air of mystery, rumor and undeniable charm.

The Jerome has a classy, old elegance , so it is not surprising that the exclusive Auberge line of spas has taken residence there.  The Auberge Spa is well known it local such as Napa/Sonoma, .

The Auberge Spa suits the Jerome to a T. Weary and often overtaxed skiers, exhausted by their sport and acclimating to the altitude, or just looking to visit the trendy upscale spa, are rewarded with  sublime Auberge treatments. Signature treatents are delivered in classic Auberge style . Pampering and exquisite techniques prompt full relaxation and expert therapy. My appreciation of Auberge Spas is gauged by my unique methodology to measure all spas; the length of time it takes to fall asleep on the table. The Auberge Spa delivers! You must check it out when you visit Aspen!

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Spa … ahhhhh

Would you like a massage in a room accessorized with marble floors, rich polished wood and a to-die-for fabulous view of the ocean?

A dream, you say?  I promise I will find that  perfect accessorized with you!

Do you want to go on a grand adventure with me and make your dream come true?

Who knows, we might find a good anti-aging program along the way! (You know, you can’t start too soon!)

I’ll wait for you.


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The healing power of touch

Need a healing touch? Someone to chisel out those boulders? I don’t know about you, but a deep tissue massage is the quickest way to heaven, rest and relaxation, and the promise of a good night sleep.

Do you find that once you emerge from that delightful state of limbo, you feel energized and ready to take on the world? The shoulders are straighter, the posture better, then a quick sigh and you’re on your way to a productive day!

The amazing benefits of the healing touch. What is your favorite type of massage? What benefits does massage have for you? Let me know, ok?