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A Positive Wellness Prognosis Extends your Life

If you are sick and tired of the rat race, monkey brain and hamster wheel to nowhere, the article penned below should make your day a little better!

 Heed the messenger…

By Chris Koch – senior voice consultant at The Voice Advisory (formally Voice Coach)

…. on a train passing Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River, just off Brooklyn. It seems to sit so calmly mid-stream in its car-free, romantic isolation.

… No cars.  

Last weekend for a family birthday we ended up … spending the night in a whitewashed cottage with an open fire, and a stunning wintry landscape with the shallow, rocky river running past. There was no phone coverage. No computers. No TV.

The persistent buzz, distractions, the speedy thoughts that characterize the state most of us spend our lives in at work – what an utter relief when the buzz is gone – suddenly, for one reason or another. Of course, it’s not always possible to cut the cords and head for the hills – but what if we could stop the buzz without leaving town?

I’d argue, it’s possible. We only have to look to thousands of years of contemplative practice, across cultures, from Buddhism to the Sufis to Marcus Aurelius, to see that the ability : stop, breathe, and focus on the purpose is internal to us.

And if we look to contemporary science, we can see the remarkable affects of meditation on the brain, the heart rate, the breathing.

So in our working lives, where the buzz of business and end-gaining often dominates, let's try it.

Before we begin to speak – to the conference, to the meeting, to the interview panel – just stop.

Allow breath to happen. Focus on the purpose, the audience. Then begin, deliberately, not captives of our own out-of-control momentum, but the authors of our own decisions, the ones setting the agenda.

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Champagne Life : Get that Summer Body – 3 Tips & Hacks

 Although exercise is essential in losing belly fat, these three things are important:

* 80 of your weight loss comes from the types of food you eat – think first before you eat

* Forget doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups – you can’t spot reduce your belly (try a stability ball instead)

* For FAST results you can’t beat the pool! (But, do you know the quickest exercises?)


Starting Anew


Owwww!!! Are you, like me, worried about that day when you look in the mirror and…oh ####! Why is it your mother’s face looking back at you!? I mean, personally -I think mom is gorgeous, but reaaallly ….where did “I”go?

I think Cher was right. If I could turn back time, if I could find a way…Are you worried about it too?  Well, I’m not gonna take it.

Let’s ease into it… (let’s be real, how about avoid it altogether! ). Let it be a slow, graceful, process.

I found a process and I would love to share it with you!  Rebuild your confidence, slim and tone your body, learn to eat right ( nutritiously) and relax while enjoying some of the best spas in the world